Haedong Kumdo

This is a battlefield swordsmanship method developed in Korea

It emphasizes dealing with many opponents at once, rather than the one-on-one method seen in other forms.

Students primarily train using a specially designed aluminum sword which ensures they hold a sword correctly, and execute forms properly.
Bokken (wooden sword) will be used for training in certain blocking and attack combinations, and a foam sword used for sparring.
Sparring ensures the student understands practical application of skills learned and gains experience in tactical and strategic thinking.

As the student's skill progresses, they will begin paper cutting, to ensure accuracy of their cuts.
Finally, students begin to train with a bamboo cutting sword to finish off their training in battlefield techniques.
Iaido and Kendo styles are mixed with Haedong Kumdo to ensure students have the best possible experience in swordsmanship.

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